Police Still Searching For Driver Involved In Multi-Vehicle Hit & Run Crash In Tulsa

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 5:05 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Okla. -

The Tulsa Police Department is looking for the driver of a gold SUV who they said caused a multi-car pileup on Highway 169.

They said the driver made sure everyone was safe after causing the crash but left the scene before crews got there. Officers said they ran the tags on the abandoned SUV and said it has not been reported stolen, but they do not know if the man who was driving it during the crash is the owner.

“As soon as he got up on the freeway he immediately merged over into traffic. We have a Toyota Tundra that was carrying a trailer and a white SUV. He tried to cut in between them and when he did the white SUV went across the highway," said Sergeant Brian Collum.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Brian Collum said the driver of a white car swerved inside traffic lanes to avoid being hit by a gold SUV. He said the white car hit the center median and lost control. He said the driver who was merging onto the highway hit a second car. “He then hit the trailer that the truck was carrying took it off the Toyota tundra. The truck then flipped up on the guardrail," said Sgt. Collum.

He said both cars rolled over and came to a stop, that's when the driver of the gold SUV tried to help the people inside the other two cars. “The gentleman that was driving the gold SUV exited the vehicle, helped all the passengers and drivers out of all the vehicles, and then walked away from the scene. Basically right now our investigation indicates there was some drug and alcohol use prior to or during the collision," said Sgt. Collum.

Tulsa police said they found drugs and alcohol in the gold SUV, but the driver was nowhere to be found. “We’re looking for a white male with long hair that was last seen walking down toward 31st.” Said Sgt. Collum.

All of the people who were in the roofing company truck went to the hospital, but luckily no one is seriously injured.