Survey Finds Nearly Half Of American Adults Plan On Taking A Vacation In Summer

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 11:58 am
By: CBS News

A vacation was just a dream for many people last year because of the pandemic. But with vaccinations accelerating, Americans are making up for lost time.

A new survey from The Points Guy finds half of U.S. adults are likely to take at least one vacation between June and September.

"A lot of them are planning on spending a pretty significant amount of money. In fact, more than four out of 10 are actually anticipating spending more than $1,000 on these vacations," said Nick Ewen with The Points Guy.

Many won't be spending that money on plane tickets. Nearly half of those traveling said they plan to take a road trip. Ewen said people who expect to use a rental car need to book early because they are in short supply.

Beaches are one of the most popular places to go. But what's the top destination, according to the survey? National parks.

"There's gonna be a huge demand for visiting these attractions," said Ewen. "So, make sure you do your research and lock in those plans early because they're just gonna get more and more filled up as we approach the summer."

Ewen said those traveling internationally will likely need to provide a negative COVID test.

"Make sure you understand what it's gonna take for you to get in, and then what it's gonna take for you to get back to the United States," he said. "And bear in mind, a lot of those things can change on a dime as case counts go up or go down."

Ewen said, no more matter where you travel, it's important to do your research and plan ahead.