Tulsa Café Celebrates 5 Years Of Giving Women 2nd Chances

Tuesday, April 20th 2021, 4:53 pm
By: William Blanchette

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa café that gives women released from prison a second chance at a new life is celebrating a milestone.

For the past five years, Resonance Center for Women, which is a non-profit, has helped more than 50 women get on the job training.

“So appealing because I didn’t have to go through the struggling of having to apply somewhere and go to the interview and explain myself and probably get turned down.”

Like many of the women who work at Take Two, Crystal Corodova recently got out of prison. She served three years and says while incarnated, she got help with her drug addiction and decided to turn her life around. 

Corodova does everything at the café from making food, to taking orders.

The six-month program at Take Two allows her and three other women to work five days a week, while living in the loft upstairs.

Assistant Manager Dawn Dittus said the skills these women are learning help them secure future employment.

“Teach them how to cook, clean, restaurant management, ordering, everything that you can know about the business,” Dittus said.

Dittus said Tuesday was about reflecting on the importance of giving people second chances. She said over the years, this job has given her and plenty of others a reason to get up every morning.

“We enjoy coming to work every day, we make a difference in somebody’s life and they make a difference in ours,” Dittus said.

“Don’t lose faith because God will open doors and everything the enemy does to try to break us down and make us feel sorry for ourselves, God turns it around,” Corodova said.

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