North Carolina Boy Sends US Flag To OKC For April 19th Remembrance Ceremony

Monday, April 19th 2021, 6:38 am
By: Caleb Califano


Six-Year-old Tucker Rose loves to learn, and history is a big part of that learning. That's why for Christmas last year one of his biggest gifts was a United States Flag.

"It was given to Tucker from Santa at Christmas, with the intention of having it fly around the world for the next five to six years," said Daniel Rose, Tucker's dad.

Those locations include historical landmarks like Pearl Harbor and Normandy, France. But its first stop is in Oklahoma City, at the National Memorial and Museum during Monday's remembrance ceremony.

As the collection's manager at the museum, Helen Steifmiller says flying this special flag is not just great honor, it's also an opportunity to teach the younger generation about what happened 26 years ago.

"I think the American flag is such a symbol of who we are as a nation, and how resilient we are as a nation. With the history that folded up in our country," she said. "We all came together, stronger, more resilient, taking care of each other."

As that flag flies high during the ceremony Monday, it's a sign not only of Tucker's willingness to learn, but also a symbol of our city's unity after the bombing.

"A lot of the defining moments for a child don't happen in the moment," said Rose. "It happens three years from now when he hears about the bombing and the memorial and says, hey I flew our flag there!"