Caught On Camera: Tulsa Homeowner Warns Others After Package Stolen By Porch Pirate

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 6:08 am
By: Cal Day

TULSA, Okla. -

A Tulsa homeowner is warning others of a porch pirate after his package was taken off his front porch in a neighborhood near 51st Street and Sheridan.

The homeowner said the package was taken within five minutes of being delivered.

Hicham Attaki said he got a notification on Saturday morning his package was delivered. When he went to get it shortly after, he noticed it was gone.

After checking his cameras he saw a woman walk onto his porch in broad daylight, grab the package and head to a waiting car.

Attaki works for the post office and is aware these crimes happen but was shocked to see it happen to him.

“Please stop stealing somebody’s package,” said Attaki. “It could be somebody’s medications.”

Attaki said he now pays attention and responds faster to notifications. He wanted this video to be released so his neighbors can be on alert.