Prairie Vale Elementary School Celebrates Cafeteria Manager After She Passes US Citizenship Test

Thursday, April 8th 2021, 10:09 pm

A citizen and an inspiration. A metro school employee said her long road to citizenship has been worth it.

Since the age of 14, Yanet Lopez dreamt of this moment. She can finally say she is a U.S. Citizen.

What makes this even more special is that she is sharing it with her husband and her kids.

“It was my dream for my children, they are starting here and that ss a great step for them,” she said.

Originally from Cuba, Lopez had to apply for a green card and wait five years to apply for citizenship.

“You have to learn everything about the constitution, this great country, and that’s all. You feel really good when you do it,” said Lopez.

When she passed the test her coworkers at Prairie Vale Elementary lined the hallways to congratulate her.

“She is always bubbling with energy, every morning she comes in the office and says, ‘hello pretty ladies!’ and she is just a ray of sunshine in our office every day and then in the cafeteria everyday as well.” Michelle Anderson, the Prairie Vale Elementary School principal said.

Lopez has worked at Prairie Vale Elementary for three years and was recently promoted to food supervisor.

“When I passed through the halls every student was like ‘give me a hug!’ applause, it was really exciting, and I started crying like a baby and I saw a teacher crying too.”

An emotional moment for Lopez and the Deer Creek family who said it is the least they could do for Ms.Yanet.

“We’re so happy for her and so happy that she made this accomplishment herself,” said the principal.

Lopez said she is most excited to vote in an election for the first time.

“I have never before voted in my life, so this is really important for me because the vote is democracy,” said Lopez.