Moore Police Department Implements New Program For Residents With Special Needs

Thursday, April 1st 2021, 6:25 pm
By: News 9

MOORE, Okla. -

The Moore Police Department has implemented the Special Needs Alert and Identification Program. 

The program is designed to give first responders crucial information on calls involving those with special needs. 

 “It allows community members that may have special needs to voluntarily enroll and affiliate themselves or their residence with the 911 communication center to provide important information to first responders if there is an emergency that arises,” Lieutenant K.D. Hill with the Moore Police Department said.

This information is helpful not just for the police department, but also for all first responders, when called to a residence.

“When you look at calls for people that have involved mentally ill people or people with special needs often times the outcome in those situations can have very disastrous results,” Hill said. “I think being forward thinking and proactive in this way can really help members of the community and first responders to mitigate some of those barriers and we are very proud of the City of Moore and the police department to be able to roll this program out.” 

To sign up for the program it’s as easy as visiting the city website or calling 405-793-4662.

“The enrollment is voluntary. It’s easy, it’s done securely and will always be maintained securely within the communications department,” Hill said.

Resident’s information is not available for public release and will never be broadcast over the emergency radio, which can be monitored by other people.

The department said with this program, simple things like not running lights or sirens on a call for an autistic person can change the direction of the call. 

Hill also anticipates this being helpful with getting people with Alzheimer’s and dementia home safely as well.