Witness Shares Account Of Muskogee Officer-Involved Shooting

Monday, March 1st 2021, 7:49 am
By: Tess Maune


Muskogee Police said two stolen truck suspects are dead after an officer-involved shooting on Sunday afternoon.

Police said one of those suspects died in a shootout with officers.

Muskogee police said officers first got a call about an unsuccessful carjacking attempt around 3 p.m. on Sunday near Highway 69 and Shawnee Street.

Not long after, officers said a truck was reported stolen in the same area and officers believed that it was connected to the attempted carjacking.

Police said when officers found the stolen truck, it led to a short pursuit began that ended in a crash near North 24th Street and West MLK Street. Police said two people got out of the truck and one ended up exchanging gunfire with officers.

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Betty Baucom McConnell said she watched everything unfold from her front door.

“I couldn't believe it. It looked like the wild, wild west. I couldn't get my phone to work. I tried to go live. I didn't know what to do,” McConnell said. “The police did a great job.”

McConnell said she was enjoying a birthday dinner at home when she heard gunshots outside.

“[I] looked out the front door and there was this lady in front of my house with a gun and she was trying to get in my daughter's car and my daughter was at the door hollering at her to 'get away from my car,'” McConnell said. “Next thing I knew she pulled out the gun and she got in her stance and she was shooting at the police and police was shooting back at her.”

Police said that suspect was shot and killed.

Police said a drone helped tracked down the second suspect. Officers said when they approached that suspect, the person used a gun to take their own life.

As of Monday morning, police had not released the names of the suspects.

Muskogee Police Public Information Officer Lymm Hamlin said the officers involved will go on administrative leave while the case is investigated.

Hamlin said one officer's hand was hurt, but not from the gunfire.