OKC Urging Drivers To Report Potholes

Friday, February 26th 2021, 5:38 pm
By: Mike Glover


We see it every year after snow or heavy rain, potholes. But this year they are seemingly out of control.

Oklahoma City crews are hard at work filling potholes throughout the metro. If you’re thinking this year, they are worse than previous years, you are correct.

"I know that last year we did 66,000 potholes in 2020. I expect our numbers will be higher this year just because of this event," said Raymond Melton, City of Oklahoma City Street Superintendent.

That event was of course record low temperatures and snow.

"The freeze and refreezing of that water as it melts gets in the cracks of the roadway, our asphalt streets and begins to form what we call a pothole" said Melton.

Those potholes can cause all types of damage to vehicles, destroying tires and rims, messing up the car's alignment as well as other things.

So, what should you do if you see a pothole? Oklahoma City urges drivers to please report them, and there are several ways to do that.

Motorists can call 405-297-2535or visit their website at okc.gov/action. Emails can also be sent to action.center@okc.gov. Or text 405-252.1053 and if it is safe to do so include pictures.

Beth Crounse with the Oklahoma City action center said they need everyone’s help with this.

"We want people to take the time to do this. They can call us if they have any questions, if they have any trouble as they say using an online system or the OKC connect if they want to talk to us feel free, give us a call," said Crounse.

The response time for potholes is normally about three days, however because of the volume crews are dealing with it will probably take a little longer. The city is asking for patience.