Metro Man Seeks Answers After Going Days Without Water At Downtown Apartment

Monday, February 22nd 2021, 10:13 pm
By: Feliz Romero


Christopher Miller is upset and seeking answers after he said it has been eight days without water at the Maywood Apartment Complex in Downtown Oklahoma City.

“If they told us it was going to be a week, two weeks, sure we completely understand, but they’re acting like this could just go on forever,” Miller said.

According to Miller, his building is the only one without water in the complex.

“We’ve been having to shower at truck stops and go to laundry rooms,” Miller said. “My mother is 64. She is disabled. She has epilepsy and a heart condition. She struggles just getting in and out of a truck stop shower.”

At first, Miller said management was very transparent and admitted fault. Now, he said days have passed in between hearing from management.

"Some residents may start to see water while some still will not have any,” an email from apartment management sent to tenants late Monday claimed.

Miller’s unit is still without water.

“I think they should be more accommodating to people if they can’t get the situation fixed,” Miller said. “This building [across the street] is full of empty units they could put people in that, but they won’t.”

News 9 received the following statement from NE Property Management, LLC:

"... The Property Management Company did not cause the pipes to freeze and/or break. Currently, the pressure to the side of property that has no water – there is no water pressure. This is a direct result of the city water main that is broken. We have put in an emergency work order to the City."
"... The Management and Ownership [of the Maywood Apartments] are working diligently and are committed to get the property up and running and for our residents to be comfortable in their homes again. These extreme weather conditions have been difficult on the families and businesses in the Oklahoma City area. Please know that we value our Residents and we will continue to work, repair and replace what is needed to recover from this severe storm...."

Miller said he has talked to other residents who are contemplating not paying their rent until their water is back on.