ODOT Warns Oklahomans About Dangerous Roads Ahead Of The Weekend

Friday, February 12th 2021, 5:16 pm
By: Feliz Romero

As Oklahoma prepare for a major winter storm, officials are urging drivers to stay home.

For those who do have to get out, the department of transportation is doing what they can to keep roads clear.

“With this many days of temperatures below freezing and roads we have all hands-on deck,” said Terri Angier with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

ODOT said the biggest thing is to give yourself time.

“You won’t have reaction time if there is ice under the wheels. Reaction time is extremely important to be able to slow down little by little. If you brake right away, you can almost be certain that you will spin,” said Angier.

It's recommended to keep a long distance between you and the car ahead. As always, give extra space to semi-trucks and stay 200 feet behind road crews.

“We’ve seen some of those horrific accidents in some other states, and you can see that the control wasn’t in your hand but it was in what the other person next to you was doing as well. You have to stay away from everybody and really make sure that you can take control of your car if needed,” she said.

ODOT plans on having 55 trucks out to treat roads but they said they have more available if needed.