Oklahoma Blood Institute Facing ‘Less Than One Day Supply’ Ahead Of Weekend Snowstorm

Thursday, February 11th 2021, 10:20 pm
By: Barry Mangold


The Oklahoma Blood Institute is asking for emergency blood donations because of a shortage of supply. 

The “Oklahoma Blood Institute currently faces a less than one day supply of life-saving blood,” the OBI said in a statement. “This supply is insufficient to ensure disaster preparedness or serve patients who depend on transfusions to survive.” 

A donation site will be open for extended hours over the weekend ahead of a winter storm Sunday that’s expected to bring blizzard-like conditions and several inches of snow

Dr. John Armitage, the CEO of the OBI, said the typical drop in donations during winter weather coupled with the already-low supply could lead to “a lot of trouble.” 

“The stuff that’s collected today is given two, three days down the pipe. And if we don’t keep filling the pipe then the pipe’s going to run dry,” Armitage said. 

To encourage donations, the OBI is offering daily cash prizes and a car giveaway to donors. Anyone who donates during the winter storm is eligible for the prizes. There is not end date for the winter storm as of Thursday. 

“We're asking all our heroes to come out,” Armitage said.