OKCPS Leadership Reflect On First Week Back In School

Friday, February 5th 2021, 8:02 am
By: Caleb Califano

Staff members from Oklahoma City Public Schools are reflecting on the first week back to in-person classes, after learning virtually for almost a year.

OKCPS sixth grade teacher Lisa Ummel-Ingram says she's happy to see her students' faces in class instead of just dots on a computer screen.

The district returned to in-person learning this week.

Ummel-Ingram says teaching kids in person is a vital part of what she does. She says it was emotionally difficult for her and her students, coming back for only one-week last semester, just to go back to virtual a few days later.

"I know why we couldn't, and I support all of that. But changes for students are not always easy," she said. "Doing one week and getting their hopes up of coming back to school and having their needs met, to all of a sudden right back in the same situation was very difficult."

Principal Deserae Jackson says one of the biggest things the kids have to re-learn is how to be around groups of people again.

She says having kids back in the classroom is a morale booster not just for the students, but teachers as well.

"Having them back in person is just a breath of fresh air. To be able to check on them and see them. Know that they are here, and we can take care of them," she said.