A Marvelous Day: Oklahoma City 9-Year-Old Adopted After 5 Years

Monday, January 25th 2021, 6:38 pm
By: Brian Mueller


A meeting with the friendly neighborhood Spiderman was one of the many highlights for Marvel superfan Elijah Mays, who after an arduous five years, was officially adopted by his foster family on Friday. 

“I was feeling excited. I could barely sleep," said Elijah.

Since 2013, Elijah had been in foster care for 2,710 days. 

He had to overcome many behavioral issues. The Mays were his sixth home when they took him in. 

“The first kindergarten, he got kicked out every other day. And we just worked through a lot of trauma," said Mandi Mays, Elijah’s adoptive mother.

“It’s been a lot that I’ve overcome. Piece by piece, it came together. And me and my family did it together," said Elijah.

Today, Elijah is a straight A student. 

Jon and Mandi Mays had been trying for years to adopt him. They had already adopted his brother Judah a year and a half ago, but court hang-ups delayed the process. 

“Lots of trials and tribulations. It was pretty draining for a really long time," said Mandi. 

Which made Friday that much sweeter. Elijah’s adoption day included a visit with Governor Kevin Stitt, and then a party with friends and family. 

Elijah even changed his middle name to Stark when he was adopted.

“Tony Stark, which is Iron Man, because I love Iron Man, he’s my favorite, I chose it," said Elijah.

And for this 9-year-old that showed an iron will throughout, Friday’s adoption endgame was just the beginning with his forever family. 

“They mean everything to me. It’s been five years. It’s been the greatest five years of my life," said Elijah.