Woman Claims Daughter Suffered Injuries After Drinking Hiland Dairy Milk, Lawsuit Says

Sunday, January 24th 2021, 9:49 pm
By: Hunter McKee


An Oklahoma woman is suing Hiland Dairy, claiming her teenage daughter suffered serious injuries after consuming contaminated milk.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, attorney Andy Campbell said the 16-year-old girl, we’re only identifying as “Parker,” suffered burns in her throat and blisters in her mouth after drinking the milk.

“There’s a concern that they may have to insert a feeding tube so she can get the nutrition that she needs,” Campbell said.

According to Campbell, Parker was hospitalized at SSM Health St. Anthony for an unrelated medical issue when she consumed the milk. Shortly thereafter, Parker became ill.

“The doctors are monitoring her for developing ulcers in her stomach and intestinal area,” Campbell said.

Last week, Hiland Dairy recalled a batch of their one-half pint, one percent low fat chocolate milk.

The company said the milk “may contain food grade sanitizers, which could cause illness if consumed.”

Campbell said he’s seeking in excess of $75,000 in damages for his client. 

The money would pay for Parker’s medical bills, damages for the trauma she and her family suffered and could continue to endure. 

“When you’re looking at injuries, you can’t just look at what the medical bills are,” Campbell said. “You have to look at what these children may be dealing with two months from now, two years from now, 20 years from now.”

According to St. Anthony’s, Parker isn’t alone. The hospital said 50 more patients hospitalized at SSM St. Anthony’s also fell ill.

We isolated the potential cause of the illness to chocolate milk consumed by these patients. As a result, immediate actions were taken to remove all milk throughout the facility.”

Campbell said the suit also sends a strong message, making sure the same mistakes aren’t repeated.

“That’s why the lawsuit filed to court,” Campbell said. “It’s so important because it does impose those rights to discover that once a lawsuit has been filed.”

News 9 reached out to Hiland Dairy for comment on the lawsuit, but it has yet to respond.