Oklahoma School Districts Notify Parents After Hiland Dairy Recalls Some Chocolate Milk Cartons

Monday, January 18th 2021, 5:31 pm
By: Hunter McKee

NORMAN, Okla. -

A recall on chocolate milk went into effect after a local dairy company said they accidentally put a food sanitizing product inside.

Hiland Dairy, which is located in Norman, said they distribute the milk across the Oklahoma City metro, as well the western side of the state. Many of the shipments even go to local schools.

Sunday evening, Hiland Dairy announced some of their chocolate milk was not correctly packaged. Food contact surface sanitizer, called Synergex, was found inside the cartons, which the company said could make you sick if consumed.

“Those symptoms can vary,” said Dr. Adnan Altaf, with OU Children’s. “They could have heartburn or chest pain.”

The chemical was found in the one-half pint of 1% low fat chocolate milk. The sell by date is January 27 and the plant code is 4025.

Hiland Dairy said they “…Initially learned of a potential issue and then confirmed after internal quality-control testing. The company promptly contacted the FDA”

More than a dozen school districts said they’ve received the milk, including Piedmont, Putnam City, Deer Creek, Moore and Edmond Public Schools. 

Edmond sent a statement to parents stating it was part of their food deliveries to Heritage and Frontier Elementary, and possibly other schools.

Those with OU Children’s said if your child does consume the milk, to watch for symptoms within 48 hours.

“It’s very reasonable to seek medical attention,” said Atlaf. “To make sure there’s no other intervention or evaluation that needs to be done.”

The company also said although only eight cases were affected, to ensure containment, they are recalling all cases sent out with that code.

Below is a list of known Oklahoma school districts that either did or did not receive cases of the contaminated milk.

Schools that have the milk:

  1. Piedmont
  2. Putnam City
  3. Edmond
  4. Deer Creek
  5. Cushing
  6. Moore (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  7. Hydro-Eakley (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  8. Bristow
  9. Purcell
  10. Wewoka
  11. Crutcho
  12. Bethany
  13. Woodward
  14. Newcastle (discarded all Hiland products, asked parents to check grab-and-go lunches)
  15. Altus

Schools that have posted saying they DO NOT have the milk:

  1. Norman
  2. Maple
  3. Noble
  4. Sentinel
  5. Cherokee
  6. Carnegie
  7. Lookeba-Sickle
  8. Sand Springs