Hiland Dairy Recalls Chocolate Milk Contaminated With Food-Grade Sanitizers At Norman Facility

Monday, January 18th 2021, 6:52 am
By: Caleb Califano

Hiland Dairy is recalling chocolate milk that was handed out to students at several metro school districts.

They say the milk was contaminated with food grade sanitizers.

This recall is specifically for Hiland's one half pint, 1% low fat chocolate milk with a sell by date of January 27.

It came from the company's Norman facility. It was possibly handed out at Edmond and Piedmont public schools.

Hiland said the facility failed to follow protocols, which led to a batch of the milk becoming contaminated with food grade sanitizers.

The affected areas include the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, western Oklahoma, Dallas, San Antonio, and Tyler, Texas, as well.

Hiland said in total only eight cases of milk were contaminated. However, they were mixed in with a group of 4,800 cases containing 50 chocolate milks each.

SSM Health told News 9 some patients had received the milk. In a statement the hospital said in part "Fifty patients on three patient care units, all minors, consumed contaminated milk. After a medical evaluation of each patient and based on the severity of their symptoms, twenty-eight were transferred to Oklahoma Children’s Hospital to be evaluated and monitored by a pediatric gastroenterology specialist."

So far, school districts have been posting on social media pages to tell parents they were distributed the milk and to throw them out. Others have used social media to say they did not receive the contaminated milk.

Schools that have the milk:

  1. Piedmont
  2. Putnam City
  3. Edmond
  4. Deer Creek
  5. Cushing
  6. Moore (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  7. Hydro-Eakley (have the milk but did not distribute to children)
  8. Bristow
  9. Purcell
  10. Wewoka
  11. Crutcho
  12. Bethany
  13. Woodward
  14. Newcastle (discarded all Hiland products, asked parents to check grab-and-go lunches)
  15. Altus

Schools that have posted saying they DO NOT have the milk:

  1. Norman
  2. Maple
  3. Noble
  4. Sentinel
  5. Cherokee
  6. Carnegie
  7. Lookeba-Sickle
  8. Sand Springs