Inmate Charged With Murder As The OSBI Investigates Recent Inmate Deaths At Okla. Co. Jail

Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 5:21 pm

An Oklahoma County Detention Center inmate was charged with first-degree murder by the Oklahoma County district attorney.

Shaquile Brown, 27, is accused of beating his cellmate, 40-year-old Brad Lane, to death with the metal part of a medical walking boot on Jan. 2.

The Oklahoma County district attorney expressed concern about the number of recent inmate deaths at the detention center. He asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to help expose any deficiencies happening inside the jail. 

Four inmate deaths in only a few weeks and Lane was one of them. An affidavit revealed what a happened the day Lane died.

During a routine check of the 13th floor, a detention officer was notified about yelling coming from Brown and Lane's cell.

The officer told investigators she "saw blood on the floor and up the wall of the cell." She also noticed that "Lane was covered with a mattress on the floor with part of his leg sticking out."

The affidavit stated several officers were needed to restrain Brown who was holding a medical walking boot and threatening staff.

A jail nurse told the officers Lane was unresponsive. That was when state investigators were brought in.

“Based on the interviews conducted and the evidence collected at the scene with our crime scene agents, basically, we were able to put together a case for first-degree murder against Mr. Brown,” said Brook Arbeitman with OSBI.

But the OSBI's investigation does not stop there. The Oklahoma County district attorney wants to know if inmate deaths were a result of issues inside the jail.

In a statement sent to News 9, David Prater said:

“I have charged Mr. Brown with the murder of his cellmate, Mr. Lane. The State alleges that Mr. Brown is directly responsible for the murder, but the investigation is not stopping there. The OSBI and my office are investigating recent jail deaths. I am hopeful that the investigation will expose any deficiencies in, or violations of policy and procedures that are resulting in inmate deaths in the Oklahoma County Jail, so those issues can be addressed. Additionally, we are attempting to determine if any of the jail administration or Trustees of the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority (the Jail Trust), knew or should have known of the staffing deficiencies or conditions that may have contributed to any of the inmate deaths. Those responsible for the operation of the jail may be held criminally liable if evidence exists to prove that they knew of the staffing deficiencies and conditions that contributed to the inmate deaths, and did nothing.”

As for the inmate accused of murder, Brown reportedly told a detention officer he murdered Lane because he believed his cellmate slipped something in his coffee.