OSDH Working To Correct Issues Keeping People From Signing Up For COVID-19 Vaccine

Friday, January 8th 2021, 5:22 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

The State Health Department said it is upgrading its COVID-19 registration website to address reported problems, like when someone enters an address that doesn’t match what USPS has on file.

The state said the error is happening because Microsoft’s Bing Maps hasn’t added their address into the system. Microsoft developed the state’s vaccine portal.

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Dennis Phillips said that’s the problem he ran into when he tried to register.

“It did highlight that my address had to be corrected,” said Phillips. “So I corrected it, resubmitted it, got an error message again… and over and over and over. Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.”

So far, the state said nearly 198,861 Oklahomans have registered to find out when they can get an appointment. 111,981 of them are part of a priority group.

In phase one, 4,578 will be able to receive the shot, and 107,403 in phase two.

The state health officials said 4,401 eligible Oklahomans have set up times to get vaccinated, and since the portal’s schedule feature launched, 30,000 emails went out to eligible Oklahomans.

It could take up to 24-hours to get an email notification. If you enter incorrect information, you’ll need a new email address to try again.