OU Presidential Professor React To Capitol Invasion

Thursday, January 7th 2021, 7:50 am
By: Caleb Califano

Many Oklahomans are reacting to what unfolded at the capitol Wednesday afternoon, including those down at the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Keith Gaddie is a Presidential Professor at OU.

While talking to News 9 political analyst Scott Mitchell he said Wednesday’s raid of the Capitol was a direct act of insurrection, which ultimately failed.

Gaddie said the Capitol invasion is revealing lawmakers' true character.

After the breach, U.S. Senator James Lankford switched his stance, voting to now certify president-elect Joe Biden. He initially planned to object the electoral vote.

As for the future, Gaddie said now is the time for those who lost to train hard, persuade people and win at the polling places. Then ultimately at the end of the day respect the democratic process that our country has long had.

“If I’m on the wrong side of history in saying that, I’m sorry. But I would rather die in the name of democracy, then live under the fear of revolution,” he said.