Group Walks From OKC To McAlester Calling For Justice For Death Row Inmate Julius Jones

Thursday, December 31st 2020, 8:40 am
By: News 9

A group making a 131 mile on-foot journey to the state prison in McAlester took its first steps Thursday morning, with one goal in mind: the clemency of death row inmate Julius Jones.

"I hope we can bring notoriety to this case, and what's going on with him," said Irv Roland, one of the organizers of the walk.

Jones was convicted of first degree murder nearly 20 years ago.

Supporters around the country, including multiple high-profile celebrities, have advocated for his innocence.

Now in 2020, going into the new year, the calls for Jones innocence are just as strong. Organizers said the support means the world, to not just them, but to Jones himself.

"There is a man whose life is on the line, and it's important. Life is important," said organizer Jabee Williams.

The multi-day journey will be no easy effort. The main five organizers doing the walk have already received multiple supplies to help them along the way.

But they say the most important thing they'll have on this 131-mile journey is the message they want to get across to state leaders.

"What if Julius Jones was your son? What if he was your brother? Would you look at all the facts from this case, and everything we know now. Would you conclude he was given a fair trial?" said Roland.

Organizers said they plan is to arrive in McAlester at the state penitentiary by January 3rd, making multiple stops along the way.