Perkins Family Loses Home, Generations Of Native American Culture In Fire

Tuesday, December 29th 2020, 5:46 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

PERKINS, Okla. -

A Perkins family lost their century old home the day after Christmas. Along with the home, they said generations of Native American culture went up in flames.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said resident Beverly Springer. “I heard about it and came out. It was nothing but flames.”

A home that has been in Beverly Springer's family for 100 years was only smoldering ashes on Tuesday. Generations of memories and tradition went up in flames the afternoon of December 26.

“It’s very devastating for me to see it this way,” said Sadie Littlecreek, Springer’s granddaughter. “Even watching it happen it was like a nightmare, you know?”

Somewhere in the ashes was her grandfather's cedar box. It contained traditional Native American healing and prayer tools - sacred items that were passed down through the years.

“They’re hard to come by nowadays,” said Springer. “They really are.”

Springer has hosted a number of Native American church services and gatherings on her family's land. She said hundreds of people have been to her home.

Springer now leans on the community's support and prayers to get through this difficult time.

“It’s like an old chapter you know,” said Springer. “We’re going to start a new chapter with this.”

Her granddaughter gets emotional thinking about starting over but said Springer deserves a new home and to stay on the land where she was raised.

“This history is something most people don’t get to see,” said Littlecreek. “It was something that was ours. The remains of it are gone, you know? I guess our family makes that history. It’s our story to tell now.”

You can help the Springer family recover and rebuild their home by donating to a GoFundMe that has been set up.