Good Samaritans Help Man Reunite With Dog Missing For 2 Months

Sunday, December 27th 2020, 10:20 pm
By: Hunter McKee

A man reunited with his dog after it went missing for two months. 

Keith Dement said his dog went missing on October 30. As months went by, he started losing hope, until a little Christmas miracle brought them back together.

Darcy’s been by Keith’s side for the last 6 years. While staying with Keith’s brother in Choctaw, Darcy got out without his leash and collar on.

“We searched all day and night until probably two or three in the morning,” said Dement. “Couldn’t find him.”

Keith put up hundreds of flyers in the area. One day, he saw Darcy nine miles east of the area he went missing.

“I was on the other side of the highway and by the time I got around to that side of the highway he was gone,” said Dement.

Two women who work at animal rescue shelters stepped in to help.

“One of my rescue friends had seen the flyer and said you need to go find this dog,” said Mitzi Brogdon.

They got in touch with Keith and told him they would try to track Darcy down. They found his footprints throughout the area and spotted him from a distance.

“The minute he raised his head we both knew we had found him,” said Brogdon. “It was just a matter of getting him.”

After several days of trying to catch Darcy, they set up a cage with food in it. On Christmas morning, they went back to the area and found Darcy inside the cage. Brogdon immediately called Dement.

“I said he’s in the trap,” said Brogdon.

“I was like is he OK?” asked Dement. “And finally, just this big ole yes!”

Darcy had lost half his body weight and was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease.  After receiving treatment, Keith said Darcy is feeling much like his old self again.

There is a fundraiser to help pay for Darcy’s veterinary expenses.