Something Good: Coffee & Philanthropy On The Menu At Brew 66

Friday, December 18th 2020, 7:22 pm

As the owner of her own business, Rachael Payne doesn’t have to answer to any bean counters. 

So she’ll never let a couple of dollars stand between a customer and some caffeine. 

“People come in here, dig in their pockets just to pay for a cup of coffee, I tell the girls, just give it to them. If somebody needs it, give it to them," said Rachael Payne, owner of Brew 66 in Luther.

Giving is at the heart of everything Rachael does. She helps stock the blessings pantry, where the motto is simple. 

“We’ve had people from Edmond, Chandler, all over come and donate to it," said Payne.

And then there’s the blessings tree. It’s supposed to have wish lists of children in need hanging from it, but when we were there, every child was taken care of in days, 50 kids to date.

But let’s not sugarcoat it. Even though Rachael continues to give back, business is not as robust as it once was. 

“We’re a struggling small business in a struggling small town,” she said. 

To keep her business and charitable efforts percolating, Rachael was looking for a small business grant. She got one from her internet provider, Viasat. 

“Personally, my husband is a small business owner, so they just don’t have access to funding and certain resources that larger businesses do," said Viasat marketing director Amy Brown. 

Brew 66 received $1,000, one of ten small businesses across the country awarded a grant from Viasat. 

“When we heard about what they were doing to help the community in a way that’s not judgmental and really lets them help themselves, was really nice," said Brown.

It’s money that will allow Rachael to keep whipping up her creative concoctions, along with those off menu items as well. 

“I think that’s the most important part, is helping everybody else as well," said Payne.