Forget Tuesday, It's 'Taco Friday' For Healthcare Workers

Friday, December 11th 2020, 5:42 pm


As an oral surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Goodson knows a good smile when he sees one. Or even if he doesn’t. 

“I see the smiles. Well, we feel the smiles,” Dr. Goodson said. “We don’t see them through the mask."

How can you not smile when you get some free tacos?

Lunch was on Dr. Goodson and his colleagues from the Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

It’s the second time during the COVID-19 pandemic they’ve footed the bill. 

Big Truck Tacos served nearly 250 free lunches to Mercy Hospital workers in Oklahoma City.

“This has kind of been a year, where, metaphorically speaking, there’s been maybe a lot of clouds, and we’re just trying to put in a ray of sunshine," Dr. Goodson said.

“It’s very important to let these healthcare workers know that we’ve got their back," periodontist Dr. Hayden Fuller said.

For many healthcare workers, this is more than just lunch. It also feeds their spirit, giving them something to look forward to amidst all the stress and long hours.

“I was in procedures all day and heard about this, and was like, ‘Hey, going out here with my friends, get some good tacos.’ It just cheers up the rest of your day," Mercy Hospital employee Tyler Smith.

While you could hear appreciation coming from the Mercy employees, it’s really us who should be showing them gratitude. 

“This is definitely a time where we can’t say thank you enough," Dr. Fuller said.