Oklahoma Prosthetic Company In Time Magazine’s Top 100 Inventions Of 2020

Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 8:20 pm
By: Brian Mueller

Long before Jay Martin was changing the world, he was rearranging his presents. 

“I remember Christmas mornings, it wasn’t about the toys I received under the tree, but the parts that made up the toys that were under the tree. I’d take them apart and make something new out of them by the end of the day," said Jay Martin, founder of Martin Bionics. 

Jay hasn’t stopped making new things, the difference now is, he's changing lives. 

Jay and his team at Martin Bionics invented the Socket-Less Socket for amputees. 

Jay took what he learned while working with NASA years ago and invented a prosthetic that was light years ahead of the conventional socket. 

“So now, prosthetic sockets fit like a pair of sneakers. Conventional prosthetic sockets are rigid, they’re static, they’re hard. They’re really more akin to a wooden clog," he said.

Martin said that his socket breathes better and allows users four hours a day more wear time, and straps make it easy to put on and adjust on the fly. 

Jay has advanced the technology over the years, and this year, got some big-time recognition. 

A spot in Time Magazine’s top 100 inventions of 2020. 

“Now getting recognized, by really this international media source, is just fantastic. It’s great validation for what we are doing," said Martin.

Count Tom Allred as a fan. He was born with a degenerative knee condition. 

Both his legs were amputated above the knee when he was just 12. 

“Always before, uncomfortable was the good news, pain was the usual and absolute misery wasn’t a stranger," said Allred. 

The south Texas resident met Jay and started wearing his socket three years ago. 

It’s been able to keep up with Tom’s active lifestyle and improved his quality of life. 

“One of my grandkids said, 'it’s nice seeing grandpa smile more.' But it almost brought me to tears to hear it. People who love me, people who care about me, are observing I’m a happier person,” said Allred.