Oklahomans' Strength On Display During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, December 8th 2020, 2:08 pm

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Through all the heartbreak, loneliness, and fear we have seen the power of the pandemic, but we have seen Oklahoma's strength, too.

Like a hometown hero, back after 396 days in Iraq.

"Oh my [gosh]! Dad!," his child said.

A FedEx driver delivering more than packages.

"This guy needs a tourniquet right now," said Billy Higeons. "You are not alone anymore. I might be out here doing my job, but that doesn't mean I can't stop and help you."

A 10-year-old running his own business.

"I just like helping the community because the money that we make--half of it goes to the Day Center," said Jayden.

And while this year may have more people in need than ever before: "The biggest thing I have found out through this is how many people are in need," said Catholic Charities volunteer Chuck White.

2020 has inspired Oklahomans to do something good, something never done before. Like walk across the state for those who took their own lives.

"Today's hike is for my buddy Captain Ben Adeyemi. We called him Ben," Victor Lezema with The Barracks in Muskogee said.

Or drive across the country: No cell phones, just conversation and reconnecting on the road less traveled.

"Something worth spending 45 years stuck in a cubicle," said husband Steve Houdyshell.

A time when superheroes do wear caps.

"People said, 'Oh you touch people's life so much.' No, these people touch my life," Arlene Laxamana with Real Okie Superheroes said.

A time when we can't hold hands, but we can say I love you.

"As long as I can talk to her every day, I'm good," said husband John Martin.

We can say thank you and show gratitude, for all that we take for granted.

"These people are putting their lives on the line. They're being away from their families ya know, to take care if all of us, so it's just a small way we can show our gratitude," OU head football coach Lincoln Riley said.

"Dear lord we're just so thankful. We're thankful today for waking up in our beds," said Hydrate Tulsa Founder Renee McGirt.

Perhaps 2020 vision has never been more clear. They're your stories. This is our community. And it is something good.