COVID Vaccine Trials Show Great Efficacy, Local Doctor Says

Monday, December 7th 2020, 5:19 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Two doctors have filed an application with the European Medicine Agency to suspend the Pfizer trials for the COVID-19 vaccine.

One local doctor said their arguments are a bit reaching.

“First of all, the petition has nothing to do with safety,” said Dr. Douglas Drevets, an infectious disease specialist with OU Health.

The application that surfaced questioned how accurate the vaccine trials have been with PCR testing.

“I think that is somewhat specious PCR is one of the accepted techniques accepted worldwide and done with multiple types of different protocols,” said Drevets.

Drevets said no PCR is ever perfect but it is mostly accurate and has been used for years.

“The petitioner argues that, instead of PCR, they should do a different genetic test called Sanger sequencing, which is a different way to identify a strip of DNA,” said Drevets.

Drevets said that these trials have not been small by any means and the results have shown great efficacy and that the vaccine is safe.

He said more data will be released when the FDA decides one way or another if they will grant emergency use authorization.

In the meantime, Drevets said his mind has not changed and he will get the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available in Oklahoma.

“Reading through, it doesn’t change my mind of if I am getting the vaccine – I would still – boom, I am there,” said Drevets.

The hearing for emergency use authorization of the Pfizer vaccine is set to happen Thursday. If it is approved, Oklahoma expects the first doses to arrive early next week.