Oklahomans Share How They’re Adapting This Thanksgiving, Keeping Some Traditions Alive

Thursday, November 26th 2020, 7:00 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

During this historic year some families had to get creative to celebrate the holiday, whether that meant meeting virtually or finding other ways to still feel close.  

Deep frying a turkey is a 20-year long tradition for Robert Butler. 

"The reason it's the best is because it stays juicy,” the Broken Arrow resident said. 

Another Thanksgiving tradition for Butler is going home to Mississippi to see family. They usually visit from all over the country.

"When I go home, there's a lot more people. I mean there's up to 100 people,” Butler said. 

But this year, they called it off because of COVID-19. Butler said he is going to share his deep-fried turkey with a few friends for an outdoor celebration.

"But I have family here too. Friends, whatever. They're family to me,” he said.  

Caleb Branham is mixing up his favorite recipe for some of his family.

"Definitely dressing. Or some people call it stuffing. That's always my favorite,” Branham said.

He said his grandparents are not coming this year in an effort to keep them safe.

"Usually they're in the deer woods and sometimes they come but this year they're not able to because of COVID of course,” he said. “So, they're at home. We plan to video chat with them over dessert though, so we're excited for that." 

Other Oklahomans shared their plans on social media. Crystal Davis shared she will be delivering food to family members on their porches. 

Gina Brewer wrote, "Mom and I are spending Thanksgiving at home in OKC this year. Will be making all of dad's favorites in memory of him after losing him a month ago to COVID-19." 

Mary-Kate, an Oklahoma City teacher, said she's staying at home and making Mexican, writing, "We never liked Thanksgiving food anyway, we finally get to make what we want!" 

Both Branham and Butler shared what they are thankful for this year, despite the pandemic. 

"I'm thankful for all of my family gathered around here at my house. Just thankful to be alive,” Branham said. 

"I am thankful for my family, none of them has gotten sick. I'm thankful I've never gotten sick and I'm thankful we can still do this together and just enjoy it,” Butler said.