Stillwater City Council To Discuss Mask Mandate Extension

Thursday, November 19th 2020, 5:46 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Stillwater -

The Stillwater City Council is expected to finalize extending its current mask ordinance to February 28, Thursday at noon.

If it passes, face coverings will be required in all public places.

There are some exceptions to the rules. Children under 5-years-old don't have to wear them unless it's required at their school, and residents don't have to wear them if they’re seated and eating at a restaurant or outside and social distancing.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, Mayor Will Joyce said there’s no question this ordinance needs to pass.

“This isn’t a controversial issue for me. I don’t understand why it’s a controversy at any level,” said the mayor. “The White House is asking us to do it. The governor told us masks work today. He told us if city’s want to do this on a case by case basis we support local control. This isn’t a controversy.”

One Stillwater Medical Center worker told the council her colleagues are working hard to keep their heads above water.

“The current daily admissions we’re seeing, well they’re soon going to be unsustainable,” said Denise Webber with Stillwater Medical Center. “If we do not continue to [to take] the precautions that as we know our scientists and our public health leader say, they work.”

Some residents sent in videos or messages telling the city councilors why they opposed the extension.

“The fact is there’s only one group that has shut businesses and churches down and they’re here listening to me right now, it our city council,” said resident Riley Flack. “The school board shut down the schools, not anyone else.

For more details on what the ordinance does and does not cover, click here.

A video of the city council meeting can be found here.