Wife Seeks Answers After Alleged Feud Leads To Deadly Shooting Of Man In Cleveland Co.

Wednesday, November 11th 2020, 5:47 pm

A Cleveland County family wants answers following an alleged feud that turned deadly last week. The victim’s family said Bryan Wren, 48, was taken off life support the day after he was shot. 

The alleged fight between Wren and the neighbors started and ended near the intersection of Valley View Road and Rolling Meadows in Newalla. The victim’s family wants to know why no one was arrested.

“My husband was attacked up here on the corner by another gentleman and he was shot in the head,” said Lisa Wren, victim’s wife. 

Wren said her husband was there to check on their daughter. She was allegedly being bullied by the neighbor's teenage daughters. The tension came to a boiling point.

“It just happened so fast,” said Wren. 

Her husband was rushed to OU Medical Center in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Cleveland County deputies took over the scene and spoke to all the witnesses. Investigators detained one person for questioning and took three guns for testing.

“The only thing I know is from the medical examiner is that we found out it was considered,” said Wren. “It was ruled a homicide.”

Wren's husband was taken off life support the following day. It has been a week since the shooting and she has not heard from investigators.

“We have not heard a thing,” said Wren. “We’ve been calling to find out.”

Wren is now planning a funeral for her husband. A man she said did not deserve to be shot. 

“Everybody loved him that met him. He was real friendly,” said Wren. “He’s going to miss a lot and it didn’t have to happen.”

Cleveland County authorities have not responded to calls or emails to confirm if the death is now a murder investigation.