CDC Recommends Getting Flu Shot By End Of October

Friday, October 30th 2020, 7:43 am
By: News On 6

The Center for Disease Control is recommending people get a flu shot by the end of October.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, adults over the age of 65 should get a high-dose flu vaccine. Doctors said the high-dose vaccine contains 4 times more antigen than a regular flu shot and aids the body in building an immunity to the virus.

Dr. Kristin Englund from the Cleveland Clinic said, "as we age, our bodies have a bit more difficulty making that antibody response to the regular dose vaccine. So if we expose people who are over the age of 65// to a higher dose of that antigen, they're more likely to make a much more robust response."

According to doctors, older adults are at a high risk for serious complications from both the flu and COVID-19 viruses and getting a flu vaccine reduces risk of illness, hospitalization and death.