Tulsa Couple Uses Gender Reveal To Bless Another Family About To Adopt

Thursday, October 29th 2020, 5:33 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

A Tulsa couple with a baby on the way is raising money in a unique way for another family who is about to adopt.

The couple said they were in the middle of the adoption process when they became pregnant and wanted to bless another family.

We all have dreams in life, even if we just might not be sure exactly when they will happen.  

"Our home is ready; our hearts are ready. We can't force it. We are waiting for someone to pick us," said Stephanie Aitken.

Stephanie and Tim Aitken are in the process of waiting right now, waiting to adopt a child.

"This has been a dream of my husband and I's since before we were even engaged," said Stephanie.

These two have known each other since the fourth grade. There is a lot of history here, but their family story is far from over. They have made space for this baby for a long, long time, in empty picture frames on family walls and the last page of their family scrapbook.

This is where Nick and Jennifer Frescott come in. They were about to adopt a baby when Jennifer got pregnant, so they decided to turn their gender reveal into a fundraiser for a family in the area who is adopting a baby. That family is the Aitken's.

"This is God working,” Tim Aitken said. “This is someone deciding to do something through somebody else to come help us and to come bring us along.”

The Frescotts have collected thousands of dollars in donations and are still hoping to collect more before their gender reveal on Sunday.

"If you donate an odd dollar amount, you are voting that it is going to be a boy. If you donate an even dollar amount, then you are voting that it is going to be a girl," said Nick Frescott.

If you ever meet Jennifer, you will quickly learn this is a woman who knows how to get people excited for a cause.

"Never hesitate to step forward, even if you are feeling vulnerable about it, help somebody else," said Jennifer Frescott. "We are a firm believer in, if you can gather many to do a little, you can make a big impact."

If you would like to help, you can visit the Facebook page here.