Unite Norman Wants Judge To Decide On Petition To Recall Mayor

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 6:38 am

Norman -

The Leaders of Unite Norman are asking a judge to decide whether Mayor Breea Clark should be on a recall ballot.

In a petition filed Friday, the group said the City Clerk, Brenda Clark, was wrong.

Clark said only about 15,900 signatures were verified on the recall petition for Mayor Breea Clark, which is just over 2,000 signatures short. The signature requirement is supposed to be 25% of voters eligible to vote in the mayoral election. 

Unite Norman's new court petition said they disagree with the data on eligible voters and the number of valid signatures that were submitted.

Now the group wants a judge to hear arguments and make that decision.

Meanwhile, Unite Norman is also fighting Norman's new update to their mask ordinance. The latest rules mandate masks to be worn at gatherings of 25 or more. 

When we asked Mayor Clark about the change she told us no one would be going in to homes and doing random checks.

Unite Norman wants a judge to declare the ordinance unconstitutional.