‘Justice Denied’: Hundreds Rally In OKC For Breonna Taylor Following Grand Jury Decision

Wednesday, September 23rd 2020, 10:19 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill


In Oklahoma City hundreds gathered near Northwest 23rd Street and North Classen where they chanted "Justice Denied."

Protesters said after the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor they're angry and heartbroken, but not surprised.

“I’m outraged.” said protestor Dominique Gray. 

 “I thought it should’ve been manslaughter at the minimum,” said another protester. 

“It goes back to the drawing board. Like what are we going to do now?” asked protester Austin Mack. 

With no officers charged directly with Taylor's death some said the fallout would continue. 

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“They’re trying to put a little band-aid on something that is going to be bigger. That blood is going to keep rushing out until surgery is performed,” said Gray. 

One woman's sign read “Black Lives Matter, no justice.” 

“We want to see reform within the police department, we want to see the officers arrested,” said protester Mariah Wages. 

Also, Wednesday a small crowd gathered outside the Edmond Police Department. 

In April 2019 Isaiah Lewis, a naked and unarmed teenager, was shot dead after police watched him break into an occupied home.

They said Lewis ignored their commands, during a struggle injuring two Edmond officers.

In September both officers were cleared of any wrongdoing. But protesters feel otherwise.

 “We just wanted to confirm that Edmond police need to be held accountable. We just want to keep this on people’s mind because every day it’s our reality, we can’t escape it.”

Several hundred supporters turned out Wednesday and said the protests would continue until change is made.

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