No Last Minute Push To Purchase Missing Piece Of Property Near Lower Scissortail Park

Friday, September 18th 2020, 5:21 pm
By: Karl Torp

Oklahoma City is not changing its plans for lower Scissortail Park, even if there's a piece of property it was never able to obtain for the project.

If you look at the latest renderings for the 30-acre park, you’ll notice the soccer fields, sports courts, and a notch around Harvey and SW 12th and it's not part of the park.

That's Cusack Meats.

Al Cusack owns around four acres of property around his facility.

The city wanted to purchase part of the property to be included in the park but they couldn't reach an agreement with the Cusack.

This week, the city told News 9 it will not be making a last-minute attempt to buy the property.

“We’ve extended our budget all the way through. We worked around it,” said MAPS Project Manager David Todd.

The park’s promenade will wind around Cusack Meats' property before the park widens again to the south.

“The upper part tuned out so well and this is going to be a complimentary part of it,” said Todd.

Meanwhile, Cusack’s property is still for sale.

“Three or four times a week, somebody knocks on the door wanting to buy our property,” said Cusack.

Cusack said investor ideas have included high rise luxury apartments for his property.

“The city doesn’t want a meat company sitting in their beautiful lower park and we understand that,” said Cusack.

He said he expects to move his business in the next couple of years.

Construction for the park starts in six to eight weeks and will be completed in 2022.