Children & Workers Escape Del City Day Care Fire

Tuesday, August 4th 2020, 9:40 pm

DEL CITY, Okla. -

Twenty-two children and three workers are miraculously uninjured after a fire at Del City's Over the Rainbow Child Development Center.

The day care sits on the corner of Southeast 15th Street and Bryant, and flames were spotted around 3 p.m. by a witness who owns a business across the street.

That man, named Kevin Wallace, rushed to the day care and told them he had spotted smoked.

Up until that point, the day care was unaware, although the smoke detectors went off moments later.

However, firefighters said in this scenario, every second mattered.

"I put several babies in the cribs and got them out. Me and the older lady went back in. I made her stay in the front, I went to the back," said Wallace, who helped save the children.

As smoke billowed into the area, those who had children at the day care also rushed over to help.

"They got out, and had a headcount done within a matter of seconds," said Carl Smith, who had family inside.

"We rushed over so fast, my mom didn't get to put her shoes on or anything," said Carlee Musgrove, another witness.

Investigators have not released the cause of the fire.

The family that owns the day care said that they also had grandchildren who were inside.

They are proud of their staff for jumping into action.

"We appreciate everybody who came and helped with this. Y'all don't understand...these are our babies, and y'all helped save them," said Debra Muise, a teacher.

The damage to the day care is severe.

The owners also lost two vans, that were parked in the back of the building.

Whenever the flames became too strong for good Samaritans, firefighters were ready to step-up.

"These guys, these people in uniforms, after I went out scared to death, choking, these guys go in the building that was on fire," said Wallace.

Wallace said that he believe police and firemen are the target of national hostility. But in times of emergencies, today proves they need to be properly funded.

Del City Fire, Midwest City Fire and the Oklahoma City Fire Department all came to help in the fight.

One firefighter was taken to a local hospital with reported chest pains. He has since been released.