Documents Reveal New Details Of Oklahoma County Jailbreak

Monday, August 3rd 2020, 6:46 pm


Court documents revealed new details on Friday’s Oklahoma County Detention Center jailbreak and suspect search.

Both inmates, Pablo Robledo and Jose Hernandez, allegedly broke through their 12th story cell window, and shimmied down a long line of bedsheets tied together to escape.

They have since been located and taken back into custody.

Documents released Monday said, “A diagram of the facility was found drawn on a piece of paper with the specific area that the inmates escaped from drawn in detail.”

The rope made of sheets was hung from the 12th floor window measured out to 100 feet, according to documents.

Investigators said the inmates managed to break through the metal and glass window that was 2.5 feet long and hung the rope on a desk chair within the cell.

Jail administrators said they’re still looking into how this all happened to make corrections.