Family And Friends Searching For Answers After Chickasha Man Goes Missing

Tuesday, July 28th 2020, 10:20 pm


Distraught family and friends are desperately searching for answers after a Chickasha man seemingly vanished. Surveillance video captured the last time he was seen while visiting a bar.

Todd Laird was last seen last Tuesday playing darts in a bar he frequents about six times a week.

His family and friends said there's no way he'd take off without letting someone know.

Surveillance cameras were rolling inside this bar a week ago where Laird was a fixture.

“He's just not here it's just eerie in here without him because he's always here,” bar manager Julie Houser said.

“Everyone in Chickasha loves him and is missing him desperately,” Laird’s sister, Kelly Laird, said.

When Todd didn't return to the bar the following day as promised, his friends grew concerned.

“He doesn't make promises that often, so when he does, he's serious,” Houser said. “When he didn't show up, we knew something was going on.”  

Houser said Laird is a friendly face to all.

“You might meet him here, but then invite him to the cookout,” Houser said. “Heck, the other day, I came here and he was fixing my plumbing. He's one of those guys.”

His sister, Kelly, said while Todd wouldn’t hurt a fly, he has battled demons of his own.

“He does have an addiction problem and he's battled that his whole life,” Kelly Laird said.

But his bond with his family and children always brings him back.

“He just needs to come home and if he can't come home, he needs to be brought home if he can't make it himself,” Kelly Laird said.

Laird was last seen leaving the bar on his motorcycle. Houser hopes to see him walk through the doors again. Until that day, a sign holds his usual seat.

“Just a little sign to say, ‘Rserved for Todd,’ so that way, whenever he does come back, whenever he shows up, he’s still got a table,” Houser said. “I won't let anybody sit in a seat while he's gone so.”

Police traced Todd's pinging phone to a field.

However, family tells News 9 it was not located.

Laird was last seen driving a 1973 Harley Davidson Shovelhead.

Police are still investigating this case.