Canadian County Flood Waters Overtake Cars, Submerge Homes

Tuesday, July 28th 2020, 4:29 pm
By: Storme Jones


Canadian County was one of the hardest hit areas by flood waters Monday night into Tuesday, and more rain is expected in the days to come.

More than six and a half inches of rain shut down State Highway 66 and several county roads across the area.

“I've got a four-wheel-drive dodge pickup truck, but I wouldn't attempt it because the way the current is running it's able to sweep me off the road,” Randy Popham said. “It's not the first time this has happened.”

“The water isn't up to the mailbox yet,” the Colby family said. ”Ten or 11 years ago, when we had a flood, it was over the mailbox, so we've got a ways to go.”

The family of three was trapped on their property Tuesday morning. They said flood waters over the road were too high to chance.

The Colby family said in recent years they’ve taken steps to prevent flood waters from reaching their home.

“It hasn't made it into the house,” the family said. “Ten years ago, we had it in the basement but not since.”

As the chances for rain and potential flooding expected in the coming days, the Colby family said they are keeping a close eye on the water.

“For all of this is coming from the El Reno area,” the family said. “It's got to go somewhere.”

Other homes and cars nearby weren't as lucky as the Colby family, falling victim to the waters that rose with the sun early Tuesday morning, laying out days of clean up ahead.