Shawnee Mask Mandate Now In Effect

Monday, July 27th 2020, 6:36 am

Shawnee -

A mask mandate went into effect at midnight on July 27 for Shawnee residents. 

A new ordinance for the mandate was voted on the week prior, but the city said in a Facebook post it wanted to give the community the weekend to prepare. Now, Shawnee residents will need a mask at indoor public places.

Similar to other mask mandates, there are a few exceptions in place.

Those include kids under 11 unless a daycare or school requires it, people with medical conditions, activities where wearing a face mask is not practical and activities where social distancing can be kept.

"We understand the discomfort, however; we want everyone to remember wearing a face covering protects the people around us, not necessarily ourselves," said a post on the city's Facebook page. "If we can help reduce the spread while allowing our businesses to remain open and vibrant, we have a great success."

The city commission said they want to educate people on the new ordinance, so law enforcement will be assisting with that process instead of offering citations right away. 

According to the city's website, officers will first offer a mask or the option to leave the indoor public place. The city said no citation would be issued to a person who takes one of the options.

If a citation is given, first and second offenses will cost $9. Any more violations would require an appearance in municipal court and a max penalty of $100.

The city wants people to call their non-emergency number (405-273-2122) if they are concerned about a mask violation.

The mandate ends September 30.

To see the full ordinance, head to the city of Shawnee's official website.