Man Reflects On Time Spent In OESC Lines, One Month Later

Thursday, July 23rd 2020, 6:46 am


Exactly four weeks ago, Adrian Newell was out at the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission near the Capitol, hours before the sun came up.

He was in a line that was hundreds of people long.

For Newell, like many others, he was facing problems with fraud. For days, he looked for answers on the phone lines and online. Once that didn't work out, he and thousands of people that have been getting served over the past few weeks, wanted to get answers in person. 

Newell says for him, it only took ten minutes to get his problem resolved.

While he's now home, looking back at what he had to go through, he says its something he'd do again for his family.

"Knowing that you have mouths to feed, knowing that you have children looking up to you each and every morning for support. It all makes it worth while. Ill do whatever it takes to get my family fed and clothed," says Newell.

Newell says for the future there are a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Including more claims locations for people in rural areas, upgrades to the OESC's systems and overall more patience for people involved in the process.

In the past three weeks, the OESC has served thousands of people.

Recently they announced that they will hosting a claims event in Ardmore, starting next Wednesday and Thursday.