Homeless Alliance Thankful For Mask Donations, Seeks Continued Support

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020, 4:07 am


As Oklahoma City passed a mandatory mask ordinance Friday, there is one group that has been required to wear facial coverings long before that decision.

The Oklahoma City Homeless Alliance said since March, they have received thousands of donations of hand sanitizer and masks.

Dan Straughan, Executive Director of The Homeless Alliance, said that the organization made the decision because those seeking help were in close contact with each other, waiting in lines for food and clothing, while also sleeping in close quarters.

The city's unsheltered homeless population has the added challenge of not being able to wash cloth masks.

Straughan said his team is continually handing out supplies to protect the people they serve.

He added that the Alliance has an incredible partnership with police. Sraughan said officers are typically very understanding with the people they serve and he doesn't believe any citations will be issued.

"My expectation is that law enforcement, sheriff's department, police department is going to exercise a lot of discretion, and I suspect that the city and the community will try and provide them with masks," said Straughan.

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