Owner Asks For Help After Burglary At SE OKC Auto Repair Shop Is Caught On Camera

Monday, July 20th 2020, 4:52 pm
By: Hunter McKee

An Oklahoma City auto repair shop owner said someone stole thousands of dollars’ worth of their equipment. 

Now, they’re hoping police can track the suspect down.

Scott Kimbrough said he’s been repairing cars for 40 years and now works with his son at their shop near S. Anderson Road and Interstate 240. 

However, just last week, his son called asking where one vital piece of equipment was.

“He calls me and asks me where my scanner is,” said Kimbrough. “I said it was on my toolbox, he said ‘no, it’s not.'”

That scanner works as a diagnostic machine which helps them identify certain problems with vehicles. They only have two and Kimbrough said that device alone costs around $8,000.

“It’s going to kill me,” said Kimbrough. “Now, I got to take that out of that and try to figure a way to pay for another scanner.”

In a surveillance video, a man in an orange shirt can be seen walking into the shop and leave quickly to his van and drive away. 

Kimbrough said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

“They’ve stolen trucks, my truck, they’ve stolen things out here and now they’re doing it in broad daylight,” said Kimbrough. “It’s ridiculous and I’m sick of it.”

Since December, two cars have been stolen from their lot and they’re working to upgrade their security. Kimbrough said these last few months have been financially difficult with COVID-19, and if their equipment continues to come up missing, it could force them to close their doors.

“If we keep getting stuff stolen like that, I mean, eventually, I’d have to close,” said Kimbrough. “I can’t keep up with it.”