Edmond Police Patrolling Downtown After Traffic Changes

Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 4:35 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

The City of Edmond changed some traffic laws for some downtown areas.

Back on June 22 the city dropped the speed limits in some areas from 25 mph to 20 mph and at some intersections said you may no longer turn right on red.

“We’ve been talking about what can we do as downtown continues to change, what can we do to make things safer?” said Casey Moore, the City of Edmond Public Information Officer.

Some who said they work and play in the area are glad these changes were made.

“It can be crazy trying to cross the road,” said Kaylee Wiles, who works in the area. “I work in downtown, so I am all of the time walking to lunches or to stores to pick up gifts and the traffic down here has increased for sure.”

With the new rules in place the Edmond Police Department said they will be cruising the area more, mainly at times of the day where traffic volume is high, like the morning and afternoon rush hour.

“They aren’t looking to write tickets initially they are looking to educate people and make sure they are slowing down, and they are aware of the changes,” said Moore.

Over the next couples of months Moore said the city will keep an eye on how things go to decide if they will make any further changes.