Armed Militia Group To Rally At State Capitol

Friday, July 3rd 2020, 5:51 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck


An armed group plans to rally at the Capitol Saturday. They’re sending the message that if the government and police won’t stop rioting and looting, they will. 

Oklahoma has been spared a lot of the violent protests other areas have seen, but there have still been clashes between demonstrators and police. And damage to property.

Now there is talk about defacing or removing the land run monument in Oklahoma City. The group “Calling on the Militia” said that’s where they draw the line.

“When you’re tearing stuff up and when you’re burning down things and tearing down people’s property that’s out of hand. It’s gotta stop,” said Kevin Rohus of Calling on the Militia.

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The group plans to meet at the state Capitol and welcome new members on the Fourth of July. They said their mission is to step in where the police and government have not and put a stop to the violent protests and property damage. 

“There are not enough police officers in America to curb what is going on right now with our current leadership. So, they need help and they know they need help,” Rohus said. “We’re made up of a lot of veterans who’ve served many times. A lot of them have done tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.These are well trained guys who have a lot of inner zeal and they’re there to protect this flag.”

Legislative leaders said they welcome any peaceful rallies at the Capitol. But the key word is “peaceful.”

“No one needs to expend violence to protect someone else’s property. No one needs to expend violence to protect public property. That’s the job of the police. But I would also make the same call. No one needs to destroy public property or destroy private property. That takes away from everyone’s message,” said Representative Jon Echols (R) Majority Floor Leader.

“We’re there as a peaceful entity just to back up the boys in blue.” Rohus said.

That rally begins at noon Saturday at the state Capitol.