Former Thunder Announcer Now Working With League Of Women Voters

Monday, June 29th 2020, 5:46 pm
By: Brian Mueller

Brian Davis used to spend about 100 days on the road each year as the Thunder play-by-play man.

These days, his office is a little more grounded.

Davis has been helping notarize absentee ballots at the League of Women Voters.

"It took me a while to embrace the notion that my career was over. And it didn't the way I would have liked for it to have ended, but I've also understood there's so much more out there in the world," Davis said.

Davis said he had conversations with a handful of NBA teams after his contract was not renewed by the Thunder in 2018, but he decided to go a different route, trading in basketball for ballots.

"This is perfect in terms of my sense of, if you want to call it activism, my sense of mission. This is a perfect place to be," he said.

Davis has been notarizing ballots and copying IDs for absentee voters. Oklahoma is one of only three states to require those measures for absentee voters.

"Those are barriers to people's ability to vote, and that's something we feel very strongly about, so I was in this with two feet," he said.

The Oklahoma State Election Board has reported receiving more than 120,000 ballots, over 10 times the amount in the 2016 primaries.

More absentee voters means more people who need assistance.

"There are certain parts of this that are not logical or straight-lined, so there are lot of people who are looking for information and there are a number of organizations, like the League of Women Voters, that are trying to help those people out," he said.

Davis said he will continue working here throughout the summer and fall for November's general election when absentee balloting will be even more crucial.