75-Year-Old Man Beaten At Stop Light After Crash Involving Motorcycle & ATV Caravan, MWC Police Say

Tuesday, June 16th 2020, 9:56 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill


A 75-year-old man was brutally beaten. According to police, the attack happened at a stop light last week in Midwest City.

Police said the victim was broadsided then punched repeatedly moments later.

The victim's brother told News 9 with the suspect now behind bars, he's focused on his brother's recovery.

“I was mostly concerned about Bobby. The rest of that vengeance, retaliation, I don't care about that, That's not good Christian love,” said David Baker.

More than a week after the attack, Bobby Baker remains black and blue and hospitalized.

Sylvia: How are you feeling Bobby?         

Bobby Baker: I’m not doing so good. I’ve got pressure in my brain.

According reports, Baker was behind the wheel of this van with a friend when a caravan of 50-75 riders drove by.

“I was told he let a bunch of them go by and that these two guys that hit him ran a stop light,” said Baker.   

Police sad Baker never saw the two riders who collided into his van.

“He was making a left turn and didn’t see two motorcycles that were operating illegally with no headlights,” said Midwest Police Major Robert Cornelison.

After the two riders were thrown from their bikes police said one of their brothers, Daszmail Massey, who was amongst the caravan of riders, approached Baker and unleashed his fury upset over the accident.

“He had the right to be a little upset about his brother too, but he overreacted and he’s stupid,” said Baker.               

Initially only ticketed and let go Massey later turned himself in once the charges against him were upgraded.

“I actually believe 99% of people in the world are good. But that other 1% they sure mess it up,” said Baker.         

Prior to the collision police said they had taken several calls of a group of ATVs and motorcycles that were weaving in and out of traffic driving people of the roads.