Phase 3 Complete, Businesses Are Open

Wednesday, June 10th 2020, 10:11 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

Phase 3 is complete, and Oklahoma businesses can now open their doors.

While some businesses have taken a hard hit, two business owners made a unique business plan to keep their doors open during COVID-19.

For Tracey Hoefar, Scout and Molly's owner, owning a boutique in Oklahoma City is something she never thought she would do, and closing her doors due to a pandemic was even a farther reach.

But she took that as an opportunity.

"We do have an online website, so we really started online sales, we offered curbside pickup and at-home delivery," said Hoefar.

They even offered FaceTime appointments, but this plan still had drawbacks.

"People were nervous about shopping and nervous with their money," Hoefar said.

In Edmond, another business owner got creative.

"We still wanted to help out our community with the pay what you can policy," said Murod Mamatov, the Ellis Island Coffee and Wine Lounge owner. "We were able to give all of our employee's unemployment insurance, pay our bills, pay wages, pay our taxes, and earn a living."

With a little over a week into Oklahoma, allowing businesses to reopen, both owners are pleased.

"I think it will take time. I think we will be back in full normal speed again. It will just take people a little time to adjust to new norms. But we will be back," Mamatov said.

But both remain cautious.

"We have taken all precautions when people are coming in. We make sure people feel safe," said Hoefar.

While they said business is not back to where it was before the pandemic, they said they are getting there.