Local Pet Food Pantry Expands Services During Pandemic

Wednesday, June 10th 2020, 5:45 pm


A food pantry focused on feeding pets has expanded its services during COVID-19 but needs more donations and volunteers to keep up with demand.

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma delivers dog and cat food to community members in need through outreach events.

Fred Williams, who is homeless, uses the program to feed his puppy, Thanos.

“That’s the main issue. He’s going to eat I do. So, if I can’t find a way to eat the dog food, then whatever I can find to eat myself, I end up giving to him. So, it helps a lot,” Williams said of the pantry.

As the Pet Food Pantry prepared for its 10-year anniversary, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the community’s need.

The Pet Food Pantry has been delivering pet food and supplies to approved clients for years.

“Our main program is to serve low income seniors, veterans, homeless and domestic violence shelters,” pantry Executive Director Candace Beaty said.

With so many people unemployed during the pandemic, the pantry has expanded its services, offering pet food to anyone, no questions asked.

“We will bring food to your home. If you cannot make it to one of our outreaches, we’ll drop it off on your porch,” Beaty said.

According to Beaty, the pantry is giving away so much food right now, they need more.

The donation-based nonprofit allows for donations at any of its sites.

“It’s all on our website, but you can just drop off a donated bag of food or maybe an extra toy you have,” Beaty said.

Volunteer opportunities and information on where to find help are also on the website.

“Especially right now during the pandemic, people need their pets more than they ever have,” Beaty said.